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Taimur Rahman replies to Orya Maqbool’s Bigotry

Taimur Rahman replies to Orya Maqbool’s Bigotry

Balach Khan

Recently, the institute of LUMS and Prof. Taimur Rehman made news due to their goodwill visit to Rabwah, showing support and solidarity towards the Ahmediyya community. The visit was made by a student group named “Rung” that aims to visit religious minorities around Lahore to better understand the minority experience in Pakistan and help bridge gaps between communities. As part of this social initiative, Mr Rehman took his students to Rabwah.

As expected with anything related to the Ahemdiyya community; there was some backlash on social media. More than that, conservative journalist Orya Maqbool Jaan discussed this on his show on Neo TV called “Harf e Raz”.

Jaan uncovered several things related to private institutions in Pakistan. He told the audience that private universities hire professors to drive students away from Islam, and “secular” education is against our morality. In between all this Orya Maqbool also voiced a popular argument against the equal treatment of the Ahmediyya community. He argued that we cannot treat the Ahmediyya community as equals or like other minorities because they are a counterfeit movement which claims to be part of a religion while simultaneously violating the basic premise of that religion. Hence any show of solidarity is hate speech against Muslims whose sentiments are hurt by this.

A still from Orya Maqbool’s Show on Neo TV

Orya Maqbool went on to mention how Taimur Rahman is a communist and all communists are against democracy (which is factually inaccurate) and after the fall of USSR all communists sided with Washington.

To address these claims Taimur Rahman made a video and posted it on Laal’s Facebook page. Mr Rehman explained that all faculties have the liberty to arrange field trips for students and this was part of a series of one such programme that a student group wanted to partake in; clarifying, that there was no ulterior motive behind it. He further explained that not all Marxists are against democracy, instead, Marxism argues that democracy in a capitalist system is controlled and true will of the people can only be represented in a classless society.

Taimur Rahman

A still from the Video on Laal’s Facebook page.

Taimur Rahman also addressed Orya Maqbool’s main argument against the equal treatment the Ahmediyya community. He explained that constitutionally, the Ahmediyya community has the same status as any other minority and are entitled to equal treatment and legally safeguarded against discrimination. He clarified that hate speech is inciting violence against or attacking any group based on religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Visiting a community can not constitute as hate speech even if it hurts sentiments of people.

Taimur Rahman ended this video by urging people to be more tolerant towards minorities; he even mentioned how as a religion, Islam preaches tolerance towards the religion and beliefs of others.

Balach Khan
Balach Khan

Balach Khan is the Urdu editor at ProperGaanda and writes articles about Politics, Entertainment and Social Issues. Twitter: @alreadytakenwas

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